8. Internationaler Kreativ Wettbewerb 2016


from the internationally renowned drummers
Pete York, Dirk Brand, Holger Mertin, Jaki Liebezeit,
Mario Jahnke (and more)

quelle: deichbrand

Dear friends, fans and musicians, amateur or professional,

we invite you to build your own compositions and songs on top of the recorded drum tracks together we can send a positive message around the world.

A rhythm around the world.

Don't hit another human, hit the drums, make music.

Please sign up
link participation
shortly after you can upload the tracks.

You may choose any one of the four improvisations to work with.
You may take the track as it stands, they were recorded spontaneously in one take, or you can edit according to your own inspiration. You can repeat any sections or delete any sections as your own creativity leads you. most sections consist of four or eight bars. We are looking for melodic and harmonic creativity as well as rhythmic. Lyrics and vocals may be added. songs are welcome but not essential. if the songs echo our message to the world, so much the better.
Please consider the conditions
Link genre  music

Please send a photo or video of yourself and your work with my drum-tracks together with your finished composition.

Award presentation ceremony 2016 in Munich.

Viel Glück!
Best wishes and good luck to you all,
Pete York
Dirk Brand
Holger Mertin
Jaki Liebezeit
Mario Jahnke